1930's room rebuilt with new drywall and plaster,  floor sanded and skirting replaced 

New inner lintel

These gates were past their best

Replacement bespoke gates ordered & fitted.

1960's bathroom (before) replacement inc new shower

(After) Maximising available space with rect.shower cubicle.

Traditional Sink, freestanding vanity unit.

Shower cubicle, tiled on Backer board for longevity.

New tiling floor, kick plinth etc.

rebuilt bathroom prior to tiling, 1930's

After Geometric tiling and new walls. Floorstanding bath, can be removed quickly for maintenance.

A shower in installed as part of an ensuite in 2013

New plaster and hearth completion

A request, to rebuild the drainer to match existing tiling, so I put a bevel on it , see next photo